Caitlin Dick.

Contemporary In Practice.

About Me

Born in Scotland, Lives & works in Edinburgh.

Through the advent of the internet and the developments in the way we communicate, our ability to interact has been altered and the speed at which we communicate has exceeded society’s capacity to take in information. What would once be of major concern to the health of the individual is no longer a concern; our technological addiction has melted into everyday life, becoming a monotonously accepted as part of what normality looks like.

Technology has become an extension of ourselves, no longer a separate entity; we feel lost or uneasy when we are without it. The expectation of connection to anything and anyone at any time and for it then to be reciprocated immediately is an assumed part of capitalist consumer culture. Not only do we need to be accessible 24/7, we also believe that it is essential to be constantly active as part of our techno-ego.

My work attempts to explore these matters in a playfully cynical way, experimentally introducing object-based installations which highlight our relationship with the bizarre cyborg human form. Technology of the flesh a state of posthuman which is ever binded to consumerism and capital. A reality which is infinitely plastic. It displays our propagating connectivity, driven by the twitching, fidgeting hum of our digital addiction. This light-hearted approach seeks to discuss technology’s inherent neutrality with the application of human tendency for addiction that dictates the moral label that is attached.



Work Experience